Divest from Detention

Divest from Detention

Many people are realising that there are ways to disrupt the detention industry by tracing the financial flows that make the policy of mandatory detention possible – and profitable.

Using tactics of boycott, divestment, and disruption, it is possible to bring an end to the racist and violent policy of mandatory detention. 

Below you can find links to these boycott and divestment campaigns – some that have already been successful, and others that are ongoing. As new campaigns emerge, they will be added here.


The networks below are engaged in accurate and independent analysis of the supply chains that enable mandatory detention, and they have provided information to the divestment campaigns above:

The campaigns and networks linked on this site are not trying to improve the conditions of detention but to end it – divestment is not a call for nicer cages. These campaigns are independent of current and potential detention contractors, and are not affiliated with any political parties or groups who support any form of mandatory detention.


A video from 2014 explaining the links between Transfield and the Sydney Biennale and calling for action.